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i'm glad you're here!

i'm nadia, and i major in design + minor in computer science and psychology at uc davis.


i firmly believe we're not defined by our careers or what we study - 


while i am a passionate designer,  i'm also a gardener, a cook, a sister, a dreamer, a traveler, an ambivert and a reader!


what i'm up to

reading how to find love in a bookshop by veronica henry

listening to on being podcast - the intelligence of plants with robin hall kimmerer and stay alive by jose gonzales

watching new girl for the 37th time

making blondie bars out of chickpeas...

dreaming of a trip to seoul in the winter

harvesting lacinato kale, collard and cherry tomatoes


you can also find me on my instagram food & lifestyle blog !

want to talk more about design or food or the living world? or have existentialist conversations about our purpose on this earth? let's stay connected! feel free to connect with me on my instagram blog, twitter or linkedin or just write me a good old fashioned email!

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