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AggieWorks Rebrand

Rebranding the student startup, AggieWorks and designing their new homepage.


UI/UX Design

Web Design



Nadia Anees

Joyce Lu 


KIn Hei Wong


3-4 weeks

Who is AggieWorks?

AggieWorks was born in early quarantine with a need for bringing together engineers, designers and product managers to fuse their passions to bring helpful products for the UC Davis community to life. When I joined, AggieWorks was a relatively small team - just about 7 or 8 students all together. The board wanted to expand and to spread awareness about the startup, but their website and organization needed a rebrand. That's where I came in!



Weekly Check-Ins: At weekly team check-ins, I met with the project manager and engineers to discuss if my ideas for the website redesign were feasible given our time constraints. 

Website Plan

- Home

- About

- Products

- Join

1 Gathering Inspiration

I began the process by sitting down with some board members to get a sense of the general AggieWorks vibe - what the values of the board and team were and how they wanted to reflect the organization within their brand. I sought inspiration from the internet for brands with strong visual identities and brands and compiled mood boards to imagine different ways in which we could visually represent AggieWorks. 


I researched organizations at UC Davis and at other college campuses to see how they constructed their brand identities. Competitive Analysis 

2 / Sketching


3/ Prototyping. 

4/ Delivery 

Click here to see the new AggieWorks website. 

Results & Next Steps

After about 4 weeks, the design was finalized and shipped off to the engineers to complete the interface design. If we could budget more time to dedicate on improving the website, I would like to conduct more rounds of user testing especially with people new to the organization. 

AggieWorks Rebrand

Rebrand of the student startup at UC Davis, AggieWorks and the design of their new homepage. 

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