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Hi I'm Nadia! 

I'm currently a Design researcher @ Intuit learning all about what it means to be a Small Business owner, Solopreneur and Side hustler. 

2x intern for the Small business & Self-Employed team at Intuit QuickBooks. Led a 10-week qualitative research project for the small business and self-employed group at Intuit Inc. Practiced recruiting, conducting and synthesizing customer interviews in a cross-functional team setting.

Design Research @ Intuit

ask me about my experience!
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a mobile app redesign for our client, freebites. freebites allows community members to share opportunities for surplus food within the community.

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Freebites Redesign


UnitransNow redesign

conducted a redesign of the popular transit app at uc davis, unitransnow through the Davis Design Interactive group.

just design

community is everything. at the just design designathon event, we put our differences aside and brought together a community of students, designers and aspiring leaders to design for justice. 

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